How to Activate iPad 3G with ATT 3G: Full Guide

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Getting home from the Fifth Avenue store, we activated the iPad 3G with iTunes set up our new network service.

Here is the step by step:

Go to settings, it’s the same gears app used on the iPhone and tap ‘Cellular Data’. It is located right below Notifications and Wi-Fi

Tap view account and a Cellular Data Account page pops up. Get used to the pop ups, the way the iPad handles them is one of the very cool unsung things about the device.


Type in your information and payment details. I was surprised there was no option to ass this onto your AT&T bill. Unlimited s the default, and at least for the first month, while your learning the device, that’s probably the best bet.

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Hit ‘next.’ My process made me confirm my street address, and then I had to agree to the terms.

You‚Äôll can go back to ‚ÄòCellular Data‚Äô  at anytime to see the your plan; the number (a new cell number just for your iPad?!), the billing period, the option add data or change your current plan, and you even have the option to add on an international data plan – which is huge. This is a big time saver, adding an international data plan to the iPhone when going overseas, is always a chore.

The tablet will manage the 3G data used, and warn users on the limited plan when they are about to reach their limit starting. It starts when there is only 20 percent left, another warning will come at 10, and the final will come at Zero. It’s just like the iPhone’s battery life.

Users can choose to add more data when any of those alerts pops up.

Although I had a connection to server issue once and had to go back and re-enter everything, it was pretty painless. Let’s hope it stays that way as all those new iPads get activated with AT&T.

AT&T Data Plan Details

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