How to Clean the Crap Off Your iPad!

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If you have an iDevice like we do, or maybe multiple iDevices (don’t judge us!), there is one thing you know; the damn things are magnets for dirt and fingerprints.

With the release of the new version of Apple‚Äôs ‚Äòmagical device‚Äô we thought it might be time for a helpful ‚Äòhow to‚Äô. 

With the various iterations of the iPhone, we got down with the one hand motion to wipe the screen, we became KINGS of the blow hot air on it/wipe it on your slacks routine, and discovered to our delight that hand cleaner makes the glossy glass face shine like new.

You could probably make and entire study on how people clean the screen on their iPhones without even thinking about it, and the things they do when they think no ones looking. Come to think, there probably already is one, someone check with UCLA.

Of course this can be said for other devices as well. Yes, Nexus One owner, we saw THAT (Note from the editor:  Yes, it's my Nexus One, stay tuned to find out why I stopped using it after 3 months and planning to sell the damn thing). Shame on you

Well, not all the same technique will not work on iPad. The damn thing is too big to wipe on your slacks.

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What we did was to use the old cleaning cloth from the iPhone 2G. It folds nicely inside the Apple iPad case. A rag from a ‚Äòbox-of-rags‚Äô available from your local hardware store will work nicely too. If you get to much dirt, just dampen the cloth with water and then wipe.  

Luckily the screen is that self same glass (or better) that the iPhone has, and wipes clear remarkably easy. It is amazing. There’s not much point in buying cleaning chemicals, it’s a waste of money.

Weeks ago at the Wi-Fi launch USA Today handed out LCD/LED cleaning cloths, which worked like champs. This type of micro fiber cleaning cloth is available in most optical shops and no doubt you can find them at your local Apple store. With these cloths you do not even need to wet the screen, just wipe.

See how helpful we are? Tell your friends! Send money!


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