How to Prepare your iDevice for the Spirit Jailbreak: Mac edition

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If you follow the jailbreak news at all, then you know Comex's Spirit jailbreak is set to drop soon. And If you’re interested in jailbreaking it is recommend you back up your SHSH blobs.

As pointed out before there are technical reasons for this and if your interested we suggest you read this treatise:  

Back now? Good. Trust us, you this is something you want to do. You don’t want to be stuck at a software point and unable to jailbreak.

Our previous piece broke it down for you on PC, this is the nice and easy Mac edition. Getting the SHSH file for your iPhone or iPad, is quick going, and we’ve broken it down into two main parts; getting the ECID and obtaining the SHSH:

Keep in mind steps below will work for all iDevices

Getting the ECID:

Step 1. Put your iPad in Recovery Mode:

  • Make sure the device is completely, not just asleep. Make sure it is also not connected to the computer.

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  • Hold down the home button and connect it to your computer via and Apple cable. You can probably also use a dock, but it would be very unwieldy. 
  • Hold down the home button until you our friend, the ‚Äòconnect-to-itunes‚Äô screen You‚Äôre now in recovery mode. Have no fear we aren‚Äôt recovering it, this is as far as we go in this mode.

Step 2. Get the ECID:

  • Navigate to Applications> Utilities> and start ‚ÄúSystem Profiler‚Äù

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  • This opens a pop up and you look down the list for ‚ÄúUSB‚Äù selecting it. The device available will appear on the right. Click on ‚ÄúApple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode)‚Äù and numbers appear low. Highlight and copy the ECID number. You‚Äôll recognize it because it has ECID in front of it. I‚Äôm not being shirty, how else would you know?
  • I created a pages document with both my iPhone and iPad ECID numbers and saved everything in the umbrella folder. It still lives in my downloads folder.

Step 3. Escape iPad Recovery Mode:

  • Disconnect the device and hold the power and home buttons down until you get the Apple logo. There you are; right as rain! ECID in hand.

Obtaining the SHSH

Step 1. Get your ECID using the above instructions

Step 2. Firmware Umbrella:

  • Get firmware umbrella here 
  • Extract the zip, which will create a folder. 
  • Open the dmg file and move the Umbrella app OUT either to your desktop or applications folder.

Step 3. Getting the SHSH:

  • Run Umbrella. Type your ECID into the window.

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  • Select the iDevice in question from the pull down version. Make sure Apple is selected in SHSH repository window.
  • Hit the submit button. This obtains the SHSH signature from APPLE and will save it to your Mac, in the same directory where you ran the Umbrella App. 

That’s it, easy breezy! It takes no time at all.


How to Prepare your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for the Spirit Jailbreak

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