HyperMac Powers Your iPad! (Hot Babes Not Included)

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HyperShop — the external-battery people as well known for their color-coordinated iPod batteries as for the color-coordinated supermodels fondling said batteries — wants to give your iPad a boost.  Their HyperMac battery packs will give extra running time for devices up to and including a 17" MacBook, so the modest battery drain of the iPad is a piece of cake to them: expect 34 hours of running time with the MBP-060 (US$199.95), or a whopping 98-plus hours with the MBP-222 (nearly five C-notes).  Plus if you buy select models now, they'll throw in a free car charger! 

Sorry, the HyperMacs just come in gun-metal grey, so hot models are NOT included, but here's a promo video as a consolation prize:

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