I Heart My iPhone — Literally

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What's on the horizon for iPhone secure access?  Fingerprint recognition?  Retinal scans? 

"Yesterday's news!" scoffs a new patent from the House of Jobs.  US Patent Application 20100113950 ("Seamlessly Embedded Heart Rate Monitor," for you laymen) describes a way to detect and recognize a person's heartbeat, then compare it to a stored example as a form of authentication.

No word on whether the actual heartbeat-detecting hardware would be built into the iPhone itself, or if you'd need to plug an "iStethescope" into the headphone jack.  One shudders to think of the flood of US$0.99 "Playing Doctor" fritterware apps that would hit iTunes in its wake.  (One also hopes that, should this come to fruition, Apple's TV ads do not use the DeFranco Family's "Heartbeat It's a Lovebeat" as the theme song…)

[Via Apple Insider]

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