Immersive Gaming – iPhone 3GS and Pico Projector!

Ethan Janson of the Pico Project blog has connected an iPhone 3GS with Microvision‚Äôs laser projector, the ShowWX to build a game controller that gives you an immersive 360 degree gaming environment. 

He made his device with wood, wood screws, glue, velcro straps, seemingly everything but the kitchen sink and duct tape. But it works! And it’s really quite impressive. We want one.

In the video he uses the walls, ceiling, and floor to play the game Sky Seige, $2.99 in the App store, The set-up lets him use the phone's built-in compass for all its worth, permitting him to spin about the room and project the appropriate perspective in a surprisingly accurate manner. The ShowWX projector always remains in focus, so he doesn’t have to re-focus with every move.

The caveat of course is that you have to jailbreak your iPhone to improve its video out capabilities.

With a growing list of mobile devices with embedded projectors and compasses coming to market, this looks like it cold be a nice event oh the horizon.

Pico projectors like ShowWX are still first generation, so no doubt they will improve, but the results are really quite amazing so far. 

This is just pretty dang cool. 

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