Intel Wants to Bring Wireless Display Technology to Mobile Devices

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Earlier this week company executives at Intel said that they plan to bring their wireless display (Wi-Di) technology to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

"We fully expect to take the technology there" said Intel wireless display product manager Kerry Forrell. Though he was unable to say when it would happen.

On May 11th the company held an investor conference in which CEO Paul Otellini said, "What we want to do is have better out-of-box usage experience. What we'll be doing over the next few years is take the Wi-Di capability that's in the laptop today and extend that into all the Intel Platforms. Any of the Intel-based devices you have will be able to handle that seamless wireless communication of HD video between that device and the big screen."

The Wi-Di technology allows for users to wirelessly stream video from a computer to their hi-def TV.The prospect of streaming Hulu or South Park TV video from a smartphone or tablet computer to our full-sized TV without extra cables or connectors is already quite appetizing. 

via PC World

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