iPad 3G / iPhone 3GS Smackdown: Which is Faster?


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First night out and we're conducting tests of the iPad’s 3G connection speed versus the iPhone 3G’s. The iPad 3G is noticeably different looking compared to the iPad Wi-Fi, in that it has a black window at the top, for the 3G antenna. As the Apple iPad case blocks that window, we decided added it to the test to see how it affects the reception.

For our purely unscientific – yet surprisingly interesting tests we used the Speedtest.net app available for free in the iTunes app store.

We conducted two separate tests in different parts of regular apartment in New York City. The Wi-Fi was off.

Download speed/ Upload speed

iPad 3G:

1884 / 320

1499 / 338

iPad 3G w Apple iPad case:

963 / 154

1368 / 355

iPhone 3GS:

1360 / 169

1404 / 198

Again purely unscientific and YMMV, but the iPad‚Äôs 3G connection appears faster overall, especially on uploads, but only without the iPad case. 

The caveat of course is that this could all just be wild fluctuations in AT&Ts signal strength. But that's not likely is it? No sir-ee, not at all.

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