iPad In-Flight Entertainment System?

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Bluebox Avionics has announced its new Ai IFE (In-Flight Entertainment) system using Apple's iPad.  The system seems to involve mainly just giving everyone on the plane an iPad to play around with. Oh, sure there's proprietary software installed, but hopefully it will come with free inflight Wi-Fi, as well. They also spell utilize with an ‚Äòs‚Äô which we love.

from the Bluebox:

Bluebox Avionics is proud to announce the launch of bluebox Ai, the industry's only inflight entertainment system to utilise the Apple iPad.

bluebox Ai leverages the power, flexibility and quality of the most advanced consumer device ever produced.

And with our proprietary bluebox security solution, the Ai is fully approved for early-window IFE content, just like all other products in the bluebox range.

The Ai movie player delivers a new standard in picture quality for portable devices, and the audio performance you’d expect from the inventors of the iPod.

bluebox Ai will be launching on an international carrier in July, and will be available to other airlines shortly afterwards.

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