iPad Review: ESPN iScore Baseball

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A rebranding of the original iScore from Faster Than Monkeys. iScore has been optimized for the iPad.

Slick and polished, this app is definitely for the obsessive fan, which if you‚Äôre keeping your own score card on major league games, that‚Äôs you! 

There is a steep learning curve here. This is not the app for the casual scorer. I found it a little daunting, but my friends who score games loved it. 

This app is great for anyone keeping score at the local level for your high school or little league team.

The big downside is the in app purchase, to get the Major League rosters costs and additional $19.99.

APP features include a Team Manager section, Quick Roster, Scorebook Output, Pitch Tracker and built in iScoreCast and TwitterCast.

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four of five stars

ESPN iScore for Baseball for the iPad $9.99

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