iPad review: O-Gawa the future beat machine

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O-Gawa, by Yudo Inc., is a musical application for the iPad that lets you create synchronized beats, rhythm loops, by touching objects on the screen. 

The manipulation is really simple, you can add and remove beats easily, tapping the screen. Though my experience suffered by the app having no introduction for the first-time user.

The sounds and visual design are impressive, enough and you can create some neat visual effects and by extension lay down beats drawing shapes with finger on the screen.

It’s a fun and diverting, but definitely better-suited for the DJs and drummers out there than the casual user. I can definitely see it being used in performances. It is not a game, but a beat machine, as the title says, as long as your aware of that you won't be disappointed.

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Four of five stars

O-GAWA  $4.99 at the app store

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