iPhone App Sales EXPOSED!!!!!

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How much money do people make developing iPhone Apps? Good luck figuring it out.

teleCrunch is here to help with an in depth article, exposing all the secrets. There are lots of figures and percentages, but sadly no pie charts. We love a good pie chart. We love pie.

Several facts gleaned from all this, before our eyes glazed over: 

Generally, iPhone developers are seeing a return of more than 15 times their initial, albeit small, development costs. BUT, when the top 10% of the most successful apps are removed, the numbers skew much lower. 

Application updates generate only brief spikes in revenue and downloads. 

Being featured by Apple spikes sales. RYLY? Well, that’s a big no brainer.

Social Network marketing helps. You may hate Twitter and Facebook, but turn your nose up at them at your peril.

It’s better to have one big push and get the App onto a top list on iTunes App store, than spreading it out overtime. People see those lists first thing

You may find a niche and get really lucky, but your chances of success are better if you just build a good, useful app. i.e., good Apps do well, bad Apps do not. Also: Fire = bad, tree = pretty.

The App Store is on Facebook. Is it Worth Anything?

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