iPhone Movie Streaming: mSpot Sneaks In Through The Back Door

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While everyone was twiddling their thumbs waiting for the likes of Netflix or Blockbuster to bring a streaming VOD app to the iPhone/iTouch/iPad platforms, a little-known company named mSpot stole their thunder.

They're actually not new; for the last year, mSpot's been streaming feature-length videos at an average price of US$2.99 per to browsers on PCs and certain mobile devices (including Blackberries, Pre's, and Androids) — but this is their first iDevice-specific app, and amazingly it works with both 3G and Wi-Fi.  Heck, not even iTunes supports streaming yet!

Early test reports are encouraging enough that — if mSpot can build up a library that even approaches Netflix's — they could be a solid contender for hand-device movie provider.

[Via MobileCrunch]

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