iPhone on Verizon Rumors Getting a Bit Louder

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It's been long-rumored that the iPhone will soon no longer be tied down to AT&T.  Engadget is reporting that they are getting more and more tips telling them that the iPhone is coming to Verizon.

Of course the blog mentions that they always get these sorts of "tips," but now they are coming in more frequently, and getting much harder to ignore, they say.

Also adding a bit of weight to these tips is the fact that many of them seem to have some of the same information: It's coming this Summer, possibly along with an announcement that Verizon's first commercial LTE networks are live and that it will be a 4G launch device. Those, again, are all according to Engadget and their tipsters. 

True or not, it's enough to set the blogs on fire. Though it's not the first time rumors of iPhones on Verizon emerge.

Via Engadget

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