iPhone Stuck Pixel Fixer

From the What The Hell file, here's a YouTube clip that purports to help you fix a dead pixel on an iPhone screen.

Apparently, you play this video under the stuck pixel and softly rub it with a Q-Tip or your finger. The poster claims it may take 4 or 5 times to make it work, but that it will work for some people.

Of course, after watching that video 4 to 5 times you will probably be blind so the dead pixel thing won't matter.

We can't test it, we have no dead pixels, but commenters at the YouTube site claim it works. Of course people believe in crop circles too, so YMMV.

If it does work; why?

Anyone want to try this thing out and get back to us? If you get a seizure, don't play it again. I mean that.

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