It’s Happened, Apple is Now Worth More Than Microsoft

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As of Wednesday Apple has overtaken Microsoft as the most valuable tech company in the world, based on market value. To think that just over 10 years ago Apple nearly went under.

On Wednesday, Apple shares rose as much as 2.8 percent, while Microsoft dropped. During this, Apple's market value was up at $229 billion, above Microsoft. Though they both saw a drop later in the day, Apple closed at $222 billion ($244.11 a share) with Microsoft at $219 ($25.01 a share), Reuters reports.

According to Reuters, the last time Apple stock was worth more than Microsoft was December 19, 1989, over 20 years ago.

Microsoft is still ahead of Apple in sales. Last quarter Microsoft pulled in $14.5 billion in revenue while Apple was at $13.5 billion, reports Reuters.  

via Reuters

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