MAXroam’s Euro iPad SIM

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MAXroam has come out with a micro SIM card aimed at iPad owners with an eye to European traveling. The iPad is unlocked and any micro SIM for any carrier will work in it.

MAXroam's Euro iPad Pack has a micro SIM with 50MB of data, good for anywhere in Europe. The card only allows for basic e-mail and web browsing.

Presumably it will also work any data device using a micro SIM.

A card costs 75 euros ($94) with 50MB of data preloaded and can be extended; a  10MB refill is 25 euros ($31) while 75 euros gets you another 50MB. 

The caveat is that Vodafone is cheaper charging £9.99/50MB for data across many countries in Europe, each subsequent 50MB costing only £9.99.

AT&T also offers international data plans at various rates.

The trick is to plan accordingly. These ‚Äòmagical devices‚Äô, iPhone and iPad, use a lot of data; 50MBs doesn‚Äôt go that far. You also have to be sure to shut the 3G off when using Wi-Fi as the device will default to the strongest signal, and that may not be your hotels free Wi-Fi. Not that we know from personal experience or anything…

The real bright spot is that it looks good for a price war, with different companies offering a variety of deals and services.

It also moves us along the path to a more ubiquitous internet, a path carved out by smartphones and getting broader with devices like the iPad. The more options there are, the more you’ll take your own internet experience with you.

The MAXroam SIM is open for pre-orders now and will ship just after the iPad launch on June 1st.

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