Mini Review: Retro Revolution

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Retro Revolution, which is "Powered by Unity," is a fun unity between a puzzle and racing game.  What you are poised with in Retro Revolution is a long Tron inspired tunnel.  You jet along inside it in a first person perspective while synth-pop plays on the soundtrack.  You can roll along this tunnel, so in perspective there is no real top or bottom.  You mission in Retro Revolution is to avoid the blocks that are stack at different levels by rolling along the tunnel wall, all while you are zipping toward them.  This is a fairly basic premise and it works as the controls are simple and smooth.  All this really requires is using the motion senors on the iPhone, so essentially it is "button free."  What comes from an easy to sum up gaming model ends up an engaging, and at times very difficult, free iPhone game.  You can play in the Retro Revolution Classic mode, which has all the elements listed as they are, or the Fight mode.  These are pretty much the same in the grand scheme of things so you do not need much break down.  Retro Revolution is another release on the Open Feint network, which proves that Open Feint may be for iPhone gaming what Steam was for internet gaming.  Hopefully games like Retro Revolution will continue to be released, though it would be nice if it and other took more advantage of the Open Feint network.  Retro Revolution is a good, middle of the road free iPhone game that reminds you that a simple concept can keep people playing for years.  Just take a look at Tetris.

This image described by free iphone game, retro revolution iphone, iphone puzzle game


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