Money Changes Everything: News Expos√© Forces Apple Stores To Change Their “No Cash” Policy

Did you know that, up until just recently, you couldn't go into an Apple Store with a (literal) fistful of dollars and purchase an iPad?  Us neither.  Seems that, since the iPhone's debut in 2007, the store policy is "credit or debit cards only" (and two devices per customer only).

Or rather, was.  Last week, a woman named Diane Campbell — who is reportedly disabled and on a fixed income — made headlines when an Apple Store wouldn't sell her an iPad for cash.  Campbell (and the resultant media attention) raised enough of a stink that Apple not only reversed the policy — you can now pay with cash if you also sign up for an Apple account at the same time — they also GAVE her a free iPad for her troubles.

God Bless America — Land Of The (Threatened) Lawsuit.

[Via Engadget]