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"Not a chance."


Google recently announced a boatload of new products during their conference. They showed off everything from an updated Android OS with the ability to run Flash. They also showed off their upcoming Google TV, which, from the product demonstration video, looks very awesome. 

Like all tech companies right now, it's all about full control of the home: your computer, your mobile devices and even your television set. Though it's not terrible to have an ecosystem of interconnected devices, unless they start talking to us and become self-aware.

After all of these announcements tech blog Gizmodo wrote a piece about the leaps and bounds that Google is taking and said that Apple is starting to lag behind. Someone felt that they should ask Steve what he thinks of the article:

Dear Steve,

Have you read this Gizmodo article? What are your thoughts on it? Do you believe Google is surpassing you guys or do you believe something different? What do you plan on doing if Google is surpassing Apple?

Any thoughts?


In typical Jobs fashion, the Apple CEO responded. Short, and to the point:

Not a chance.

Looks like Steve isn't bothered. Then again, what did they expect him to say, "Yeah, Google is layin' the smack down?"

Either way, it's going to take more than a few announcements to take the lead in an industry. Call us back when Google TV is available at Best Buy.

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