Motion Graphics: Preview of FixPix

The future of iPhone gaming, as well as the iPad and anything that Apple cooks up in the next couple years, is really based on developing games that are unique to the technology.  Most developers seem to think that this means simply putting together games that exploit the iPhone touch screen, but to really get into the iPhone and iPad technology the motion sensors should remain the focal point.  The upcoming game FixPix from eBoy is going to stand out as an example of how the limits of this type of control are not as concrete as the older generation of game developers seem to believe.

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What makes FixPix an interesting phenomenon is that it matches a completely unique visual presentation with the motion sensors.  As a puzzle game, FixPix requires you to look at a multi-layered picture and decide exactly how it is off balance.  You will find that as you move your iPhone the objects in the picture will move accordingly, changing their position relative to each other.  The basic premise FixPix asks you to try and match the picture up in the right position, which is actually a challenge as the pictures play on expectations and optical illusions to compromise your judgment.

FixPix will be available at the iTunes' App Store soon, but in a nice presentation eBoy has created an flash online demo version for you to try out in anticipation of its release.  This is a nice way to get a feel for the basic gaming mechanism, but does not quite communicate how this will work when it is in the palm of your hand.  Hopefully FixPix marks a whole new generation for iPhone gaming, especially once developers begin to look at the unique way that games are played on the Apple iPad.

eBoy FixPix [iPhone] – CreativeApplications.Net from CreativeApplications.Net on Vimeo.

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