MiFi on the iPhone

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MiFi is the app we most wanted on my iPhone and overall one of the most useful. It is available through Rock Your Phone for $9.99.

What it does is simply turn your 3G iPhone into your own Wi-Fi hotspot. This is the functionality AT&T does not want you to have.

Once your iPhone is jailbroken through the Spirit jailbreak, go to Cydia and install MiFi. It is available only as a free trial through them. It will install Rock Your Phone, where you can purchase the full version through.

Once installed you open up the App and turn ‘WiFi tethering’ on, that’s it. We do recommend enabling WEP security as well and giving your hotspot a password.

MiFi runs until you turn it off, and it is a power vampire so only use it when you have to or when it is plugged into a power source.

You’ll be set to go and run that laptop’s Wi-Fi off your iPhone’s 3G, whilst on vacation without paying the hotel those Wi-Fi fees.

Wi-Fi Sync for iPhone Available on Cydia

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