New iPhone to Record 720p HD?


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Each day seems to bring new (suspected) features for the coming iPhone as devs tinker around with the 4.0 OS beta. Several sites including Gizmodo and Engadget are reporting the possibility of 720p recording on the device.

These found preset values suggest that possibility:


The next iPhone is rumored to have a 5 megapixel camera though the actual video capabilities of the hardware are unknown. 

The next iteration has also been rumored to be called the "iPhone HD" seeming to reinforce this new 720p video recording capability. 

We got enough ‘rumors’ in here? Still, it’s pretty nifty news, and Apple is definitely have to come up with something new and exciting to get people to jump for yet another new iPhone. Is HD the ticket?

Apple is expected to introduce the new iPhone at the Worldwide Developer's Conference, June 7-11th in San Francisco, CA.

Because I Got High (Resolution): Ready For The "iPhone HD?"

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