Oops, They Did It Again: Has ANOTHER iPhone 4G Fallen Into The Wrong Hands?

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Just when you thought it was safe to go for a beer after a hard day in Apple R&D…

The Vietnamese blog Taoviet.vn claims one of their countryman bought an iPhone 4G prototype during a trip to the USA and brought it home with him.  (MacRumors has all the photos here.) 

The unit appears to be a 16GB model and is shown running what is suspected to be a firmware diagnostic dubbed "Bonfire."  Teardown reveals an internal layout similar to the first rogue 4G, including a larger battery and Apple-branded CPU.

At this rate, the Far East will be grinding out 4G knockoffs before the real thing hits the stage in June…

This image described by Apple, iphone 4g, Iphone-4-leak-02

More on leaked iPhone story from before.

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