OpenTable’s $150 M App

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OpenTable has booked restaurant reservations for more than 3 million diners since launching their iPhone app in November 2008, both through it and other mobile apps. With a check average of $50 that‚Äôs $150 million coming to restaurants from mobile apps alone, minus OpenTable‚Äôs cut. 

The bulk of that business coming from the iPhone.

OpenTable‚Äôs reported revenue for the first quarter of 2010 is 33 percent to $21.3 million, and profits were up to $2.5 million.  They've seated an estimated 24.2 million diners in the past two quarters alone, 2 million of which were via mobile apps alone, about 8 percent. 

While the mobile app is still a relatively small part of overall revenues, it’s growing faster than any other part of OpenTable’s business.

This underlines the impact of the Adobe/Apple Smackdown, it isn‚Äôt just a pissing contest between two ‚Äòking baby‚Äôs. Apps are big business. Real money is involved here, money that‚Äôs not just quarterly profits and talking points, but money that pays salaries. 


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