Pay As You Go: DeviceFidielity, Visa Partner On iPhone Payment System

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The folks at DeviceFidelity would like you to use your cell phone — and in particular your iPhone — to pay for all your transactions.

(Yawn.  Another "Square wannabe" with a dongle card reader…)

Well, hold on.  Rather than going the external route, DF wants to take things internal.  In fact, they're pairing up with Visa (and their contactless payment app, payWave) and shrinking the entire process onto a micro-SD card.  They're even formulating a protective shell for your iPhone so no one can jack the memory card, should you leave your phone at a bar…

Whoops, that's the 4G.  The Visa/DeviceFidelity solution is currently slated for the 3G/3GS only.

[Via Engadget]

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