Quirky Cradle Makes Using Your iPad a Bit Harder Than it Has to Be

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This is the Quirky Cradle; try not to be distracted by this man's toes.

There are some great iPad accessories out there. Such as cases to protect the device, or docks that allow for you to connect a keyboard. Every once in a while, though, one of those strange devices that you almost can't be sure there's a use for comes around. Meet the Quirky Cradle. The name pretty much says it all.

It's a desk-like contraption sits over your lap. It has a circular plate that clasps to your iPad and allows for you to rotate it freely. Because it's made of "Plyboo" (bamboo plywood) it's sturdy, yet soft on the underside thanks to a woven-in foam cushion.

This may make a nice novelty item. It may just be what some people need. Though, in our humble opinion, it's probably wiser to spend your $52.50 on something more practical. We just prop the iPad up on our lap.

Still, if this desk-ish thing sounds like your cup of tea, it's available on Quirky's website: Here

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