Running iPhone apps on the iPad (without the Pixeling!)

Macstories has a story on a nifty hack that will let you run iPhone apps on your iPad without that damn pixeling.

We're going to break it down for you. If you followed our handy super-duper jailbreak guide this morning, you‚Äôve already installed OpenSSH from Cydia. This is the framework that lets you to root into your device using FTP clients like Cyberduck and Transmit.

With this in mind, there‚Äôs a handy little trick you can perform that lets you scale iPhone apps for the iPad. Without waiting for those pesky developers to update their apps, of course. 

This way you can have an iPhone app running fullscreen on your iPad without the pixel doubling, and it will support the different orientations and uses iPad’s UI elements.

To do this you’ll need to edit the info.plist file inside the application. So you need to have a text editor on your Mac.


The iPad stores applications inside /var/mobile/Applications and every app comes in the shape of a folder with a name like this (F1DCF4E2-0D72-4720-BCF1-F914B5208F55) and this means you’ll have to open every folder to see which app is inside. Once you’ve found the app, say Tweetie 2, look for the info.plist file and download it to your computer.

You will have to SSH into your device. This means, if you’re on a Mac you can use Cyberduck or Transmit, Windows users can go with WinSCP. Default username and password are “root” and “alpine.”

With your app in hand and info.plist file found, fire up that text editor and add the following strings:






If this string




is already there, simply add 


and you‚Äôre done. 

The “2″ value tells the applications to run natively on the iPad.

Then save, and replace the old info.plist file in the app’s folder. Respring your iPad, and you’re brand spanking new, non-pixelated iPhone app will run natively on your iPad.

With some exceptions, of course. It won’t work for everything!

In reported tests only Tweetie 2 has run perfectly. It scales and works. Other apps have alignment and touch issues. Some text fields and buttons don’t work and there were some problems with the UI.

You may try to mess with orientation methods in the .plist file, use the following strings in the <key>UISupportedInterfaceOrientations~ipad</key> key:





To make icons compatible:






Obviously this is all trial and error and YMMV. bear in mind not all apps from the app store work perfectly in the field either.

If you do try this out let us know what works for you and what doesn’t. Enquiring minds do want to know.


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