Sent to My iPad: A Look at the SNES (HD) Gaming Emulator

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The iPhone itself is simply a vessel for iPhone applications, but it does not hold any kind of real standard computer power.  What this really means is the ability to use your iPhone for things that are somewhat off of the map, especially since Apple really dictates closely what can be on your iPhone.  The only option was to jailbreak your iPhone and take a lot of risks, which most people are not willing to do.  With the Apple iPad they seem to be loosening this grip in an effort to show that this device has the ability to be so much more than a big iPhone.  Unfortunately, it still looks like you're going to have to break out of jail.

One of the more interesting computer phenomenon of the last several years has been the development of gaming emulators.  With these emulators you can have a program that mimics an older video game console so that you can download and play games in a huge volume.  With SNES (HD) we now see that the video game emulator has been ported over to the iPad, which has the potential to be one of the most exciting developments for this technological infant.  SNES (HD) is, in fact, a port of the original snes4iphone gaming emulator that many have grown to love.  Snes4iphone required you to jailbreak your iPhone, and SNES (HD) is going to send a lot of iPad owners to the same conclusion.  When you take a look at how this gaming emulator will end up working you may be a little persuaded as well.


First, you have the ability to use your iPhone as a controller with the SNES (HD) on your iPad, which could let you position the iPad at a distance and let you play wirelessly.  This will likely also require you to jailbreak your iPhone, so this should really be a decision for those already on the jailbreaking cruise line.  You can integrate up to four iPhone controller when playing, which may be fun for the iPhone Dev Team when they need breaks from striking against Apple's coming monopoly.  What SNES (HD) essentially does is take the technology and display features of the iPad and conforms everything about this Super Nintendo emulator to it.

Getting SNES (HD) is not a completely simple process as to install it you have to start by injecting ROM files using transfer software.  All of this should be somewhat standard for someone already versed in iPhone and iPad jailbreaking, which is why you should not really decide to jump on SNES (HD) unless you are comfortable already.

The developer is offering SNES (HD), yet pleading with people for donations.  You should not necessarily feel bad for throwing him a few pennies, especially since they are dramatically more noble than anyone at the iTunes' App Store.  Hopefully SNES (HD) marks the beginning of a whole phenomenon that will eventually lead us into a complete jailbreak universe for the iPad.

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