Streaming Live TV to Your iDevices or Mac Coming Thanks to Hauppage

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Streaming video to your iDevices and Mac over wifi may be ok for television watching in bed while the wife is snoring, but who knew the idea could be popular? Hauppage's WinTV is going to bring streaming of live TV to your Apple devices.

For $9.95 directly through Hauppage, you can get their WinTV v7.2 application complete with WinTV Extend. Doesn't seem necessary to watch old-fashioned TV when there are on demand services, but to each his own. Plus, Hauppauge stock rose as much as 60 percent the day after the announcement, according to Reuters, maybe it's just not our cup of tea.

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Hauppauge Launches Live TV Support for the iPad and iPhone



'WinTV Extend' also Sends Live TV to the iPod Touch and Apple Mac Computers

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y.May 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Hauppauge Digital, Inc. (Nasdaq: HAUP), the world's leading developer and manufacturer of TV tuner products for personal computers, announced today that their WinTV-HVR TV tuner boards for PCs can now stream live TV over the Internet to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and any Apple Macintosh computer which supports a Safari web browser.

Live TV for these Apple devices is provided by Hauppauge's "WinTV Extend", which will be a feature in Hauppauge's new WinTV v7.2 application.  WinTV Extend transmits live TV to Internet and WiFi connected devices such as the Apple iPad, iPhone and others. The WinTV v7.2 application provides live TV and TV recording to PCs equipped with a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR TV tuner.

Hauppauge WinTV-HVR TV tuners bring live TV, both standard definition and HD TV, into Windows based PCs. The new WinTV Extend feature will take the live TV signal and transmit it over the Internet where it can be received by the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, or by a Mac computer, through the Safari web browser.

With a WinTV-HVR TV tuner and WinTV Extend running on a PC at home, a user of a supported Apple device can be anywhere in the world and can have live TV from their home sent over the Internet to their Apple device screen. On the large screen iPad or a Mac computer, the live TV image can be displayed along side the TV tuner channel list from your WinTV-HVR at home. On the iPhone and iPod touch, the user can switch between the display of the TV channel list and live TV.

The WinTV v7.2 application will include WinTV Extend and will be available directly from Hauppauge at a cost of $9.95.  Current owners of WinTV-HVR's can upgrade to WinTV v7.2  Details will be available on the Hauppauge website.

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