This Has to Be One of the Best Uses for the iPhone We Have Ever Seen

Ready to control your entertainment center with your smartphone? Logitech has you covered. Apple TV does something similar, using your iPhone over wifi to control the set top box. Logitech is taking it a step further with their Google TV companion box, which will be accompanied by Apps for the iPhone and Android phones giving you full control of your system.

With the box and App combination, the user can control everything from their television set and Google TV to their TiVo and the Xbox 360. The App has several menus and screens that adjust for the device you are using. 

If you watch carefully, you can see that at around the four minute mark, you can see the Xbox 360 controller buttons. It sounds like you could actually play Gears of War with your iPhone. Though the rep in the video says "You obviously wouldn't use this phone to play the game." However, we are a bit tempted to try.

via Engadget 

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