Will iPhone OS 4.0 Finally Allow Tethering?

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The latest iPhone OS 4.0 Beta shows something that comes as a pleasant surprise. Though this isn't the final build of the OS, and we don't know exactly when this may be applicable, it seems that internet tethering will now be an official feature on the iPhone, through AT&T. Hopefully AT&T can handle the data.

Tethering is up there with multitasking when it comes to features people desire with their iPhones. As most of you know, multitastking will now be available (officially) thanks to the latest iPhone OS, which launches this summer. Now it looks like tethering will join the party.

Still, if waiting for an official tethering method seems a bit far off then you can always drop by our tutorial here to get internet tethering to work with iPhone OS 3.0 with a few neat tricks.

via Gizmodo

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