Your iDevice, Is there Anything it Won’t Do?

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Apple has filed yet another patent. According to the application, it would be used within an iDevice (in this case the iPhone, but there’s little reason to see it limited to that). The device would have a series of small electrodes that can monitor the user’s heart rate in a “Seamlessly Embedded Heart Rate Monitor.” 

Of course this seems plausible seeing as how many joggers enjoy carrying their iPods around for tunes and Podcasts while they exercise. 

Perhaps it could even be used to track cardio workouts at home on the iPad. After all, there are now roughly 1 million of those out there already, what’s a cardio workout App? It wouldn’t be the most unusual use for an iPad so far, as we have seen iPad cats, skateboards and even a dude who put an iPad in a blender.

Yes, the iPad does shred:

It blends nicely, too:

What’s next, some crazy kids smashing their iPad? Oh wait, they already did that:

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