24-Hours in, the iPhone 3G with iOS4. Plus, What the Twitterverse is Saying About the Update

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We are approaching our first full day with the official release of iOS4, but try as we may, it's just not satisfying. Sure, it has a few welcome features: Folders, iBooks and…um well, yeah, folders are about the only truly useful addition for 3G owners. iBooks is ok, but we already have Kindle, and it works beautifully on the iPhone 3G's slower processor. iBooks, on the other hand, feels sluggish and the page-turn animation is just unnecessary on the small device.

As a test, we tried iBooks with a free download of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Rotating from portrait to landscape and waiting for the text to load up took roughly 26 seconds. Doing it again a while after the book loaded took nearly 20 seconds. The Kindle App, by comparison, took about two seconds to rotate, and we can lock the orientation to avoid accidental rotation.

The battery life is something else. Even with all the more power-intensive features the new system is the destroyer of batteries. A single charge used to last us at least two days with regular use. Now we are down about a quarter, and we haven't done anything besides tweeting, checking our email, sending a few text messages and making a five minute phone call. Maybe we are using it a bit more than we realize, but it still seems to be a major battery killer compared to the last OS.

We still stand by our statement that the only thing that makes iOS4 worth downloading on a 3G is that it's free. Sadly, the shortened battery life is a huge negative. On the bright side, the navigation itself doesn't seem noticeably slower. If you are an App hoarder, this new OS may help you keep some things in line. If you limit yourself to one or two pages of Apps, stick to your older OS until some improvements are made. At this point, we think that iOS4, though we ourselves rode the hype train, is a rare miss for Apple.

Let's see what people on the internet are saying about iOS4.

The following are tweets relating to Apple's new operating system: (Note, if any of the following twitter users happens to be you, and you are unhappy with our use of your tweet, please let us know and we will gladly remove it)

skamradt Enjoying iOS4 on my iTouch. Folders are a nice way to organize infrequently used apps. Inbox shortcuts are also useful.

Manos_F Slower iPhone after iOS4 🙁

FunkyDivaFan504 The iOS4 is so cool!

beejpowers iOS4 on a 3G is making typing almost unbearable. #WTF

jonincalgary Battery seems less long lived with iOS4. Turned off all unnecessary push etc.

SatchellDrakes Happy that the world gets the chance to enjoy iOS4; the full, complete mobile operating system that we should've started with.

Acidsmooth @AOTS iOS4 eats ball bugs. My 3G has been essentially unusable since I upgraded. Can't restore properly.

SushiScott @scoobybhoy iOS4 sucks on my 3G

ChrisHorner Have decided not to update my 3G to iOS4; sounds like people are having trouble with it.

ChrisBarber86 Upgraded my work 3G iPhone to iOS4 today. So far so good really love the interface tweaks and folders + changes to email.

Minatei installed iOS4 on my 3GS. Faster response and more apps I can install. Love it so far

tim_gleeson My 3G is now really sluggish with iBooks and iOS4. Hrmm. Oh well.

kellygunner My iPhone 3G really isn't good with iOS4 on it. Think I'm going to put it back to iOS3, if I can!

Slapfoot iOS4 on iPhone 3G = fail.

We'd like to know what you think of the latest update. Leave some comments, and tell us what device you are using and how your iOS4 experience has been so far.

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