Air Apparent: Aussie Airline Will Rent iPads For In-Flight Entertainment

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Airline in-flight entertainment has come a LONG way since the 1970's, when this reporter recalls having to suffer through the Walter Matthau/Carol Burnett rom-com "Pete 'n' Tillie" ( on three (count 'em!) separate transatlantic flights.  These days, a typical flight gives you a personal viewscreen with a variety of film, TV, game, and music choices to occupy you while the frequent-flier miles add up.

Welcome to the Next Step.  Australia's JetStar Airways (a Quantas cut-rate subsidiary) will begin replacing the in-flight entertainment with rentable iPads.  The service, scheduled to be tested at the end of June, will be offered on any flights over 90 minutes in duration, at a cost of AU$10.00 (about eight-and-a-half beans in "real money").  The iPads will come pre-loaded with an assortment of content including E-books, films and TV shows, and custom apps.  If the trial is a hit, the program will be rolled out across JetStar's entire domestic and international network.

Let's put this in perspective: the iPad has been on the market for TWO FREAKIN' MONTHS and it's already worming its way into the damnedest places.  That's an across-the-board success no matter how you slice it.

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