All Known Issues with iPhone 4.0

Technological marvel?  Or Edsel with a ten-digit phone number?  That's the debate going on right now over the iPhone 4.  Once the "ooh's" and "ahh's" die down over its cutting-edge redesign and hardware/software enhancements, the sad fact is that the i4 has a BUNCH of clouds to go along with that silver lining:

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1. The "ultradurable" front and back glass…isn't.

We already reported how easily the i4's vaunted Gorilla Glass can chip — and even shatter — if the phone's dropped.  Now, be honest: raise your hand if you've NEVER dropped a cell phone of any kind.  I didn't think so.  Couple this with Apple's out-of-the-gate recommendation to get the wraparound "bumper" protection (along with the very existence of third-party protective phone cases in general), and you suddenly have a major lack of trust in the i4's native durability.

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2. Yellow spots on the display

Another technological breakthrough — the high-rez Retina display — promises, and delivers, better visuals.  Unfortunately, reports are trickling in that some screens are also displaying yellow spots or bands.  Gizmodo has fifty-some complaints (and counting), and the pictures to prove it.  Based on Apple support this yellow residue will disappear in a few days.

3. The phone drops calls just by touching the bezel on the left while connecting two antennas.

Once upon a time, the decision to move the iPhone's antenna from the metal backplate to the bezel surrounding the front/back glass seemed like a pretty cool idea.  Now?  Not so much.  The first batch of i4's have been dropping calls left and right, and this time it's not just due to AT&T's well-documented bad 3G service — it seems that holding the phone bridges the antennas in the left and right half of the bezel, causing the call droppage.  Again, slapping on the bumper (or any kind of case that prevents finger contact with the metal) seems to reduce the droppage.

This is out unorthodox solution to the problem:

Apple, Test THIS Tube! A Fix For That iPhone 4 Reception Problem

4.  Volume buttons in a wrong place for some iPhone owners

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via 9to5mac

It's still unknown at this time if these are the result of a rushed initial production run, or if these flaws are inherent to the i4's redesign.  In either event: if you weren't an early adopter, wait to see if subsequent production runs clear some or all of the problems; if you did survive Pre-Order Armegeddon, calling Apple tech support and raising holy hell may be your first line of defense.

Note: we are having issue #3, just put a piece of tape on top of metal band antenna on the left this will prevent you from touching both antennas at the same time.  But make sure to call Apple and ask for replacement, since it may be manufacturing problem and some sort of protective coating is missing on your iPhone.

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