An Easier Way To Look Like A Douche With The iPad

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Like it or not, we’re in a 3D revolution right now.  Blame Imax, blame AVATAR — hell, blame HOUSE OF WAX and ANDY WARHOL’s FRANKENSTEIN if you’re cinema-history-minded — but Hollywood now wants everyone to wear cheap polarized glasses while the screen throws stuff at you.  And where Hollywood goes, TV isn’t far behind, as the first 3D flatscreen TV’s are hitting the market. 

Next stop — the iPad?

We’ve already seen Apple’s patent filing for their “iSpecs” iPhone holder — yeah, stick a three-inch screen an inch from our eyeballs for 3D content, that’s the ticket.  The reason IMAX works as well as it does is because (among other factors) the screen is freakin’ HUGE.  So bigger screen equals better 3D effect, equals…iPad 3D?

As you can see from the above graphic, we’re not sold.  Unless a film is shot in true 3D, with two cameras capturing a scene like your two eyeballs would (and say what you will about AVATAR’s story shortcomings, it did its 3D right), it’s still gonna be little more than a gimmick.  And as long as 3D viewing requires any kind of eye-ware, you’re gonna look goofy — or, if you’re very lucky, like Keanu Reeves in JOHNNY MNEMONIC.  (Nope, sorry, that’s still goofy-looking.)

We’ll wait for the iPad 10G with hologram display, thank you.

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