Apple: How Did We Do? Answer: FAIL!

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Well, well, well, Apple just sent us an online satisfaction survey. This following a pre-ordering the iPhone 4.

Apple is asking for it and everyone should give it to them. This entire process has been mismanaged.

From the site issues Tuesday, AT&T refusing to take more orders, to the shipping date getting pushed back twice now it has been a a fiasco. We expect better of Apple. They and AT&T were simply not prepared.

Oh, people will say how could they have been? These are record setting numbers!

Well, let's be clear; every event since the premiere of the iPhone has been huge. We just had record setting numbers with the release of the iPad. To NOT be prepared for big pre-orders is simply negligent at this point.

Given the ongoing issues with AT&T, we hope this is the nail in the coffin. There have been issues with this company and their networks with every release and every device. Let this be the last time.

While fault for the issues can no doubt be shared with Apple, this relationship with AT&T has given the Cupertino giant, black eye after black eye.

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