Apple snags Father of WebOS Notifications from Palm

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Rich Dellinger, the man who "invented the non-intrusive banner notification system used in webOS" is leaving Palm to return to Apple, as a Senior User Interface Designer. 

The latest in a series of exits from Palm after being acquired by HP, Delliger, follows Mike Abbot, who left to join Twitter, and webOS designer Matias Duarte, who exited for Android. 

Per LinkedIn Dellinger's work includes:

    Acting as visual designer, interaction designer, and engineer on Palm webOS.

    Co-developing the Application Framework used by webOS. 

    Creating the CSS structure and defined HTML layout and structure conventions in Mojo Application      Framework, and for core Palm applications.

    Co-invented software and hardware interaction models for a new generation of Linux-based, Palm-  branded mobile devices.

    Created icon suite for Palm, Sprint, and other partner applications for webOS 1.0.

Dellinger previously worked for Apple from 1999 to 2006, when he left for Palm.

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