Apple Store App arrives for the iPhone

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As we reported yesterday, the Apple Store app arrived today for the iPhone.

The iPhone allows you to make purchases from Apple and schedule appointments at your favorite Apple Store. Most importantly the app lets you pre-order the iPhone 4.

A variety of users reported issues with today's pre-order at the Apple site. Most contributed it to AT&T's approval system. You know the determination of whether or not you qualify for the subjugated reduced pricing.

Word has reached us that Apple's UK online store also crumpled under the mass people queuing up for iPhone 4 pre-orders. A little exaggeration, they weren't really queuing up, but it did crumple.

The app is so far only available to U.S. users. The app works on the iPad but is not sized for it. RLY? You couldn't have done both at once?

Apple Store app available for FREE in the iTunes App store.

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