Apple’s WWDC Keynote event, Live Blog, June 7th, 10AM PT, 1PM ET!

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Steve Jobs takes the stage tomorrow at the WWDC and we will be here with our live blog of the event. The Apple CEO is expected to make a major announcement, probably a new iPhone.

But we already know that’s coming so is the shine off the event? Not hardly, despite the Phone showing up in the wild there are still questions to be answered.

Was that really the iPhone 4G (or HD??) we saw?? When will the 4.0 OS drop? Will we see a Verizon iPhone? We know that’s a long shot but we keep hoping.

Is a cloud-based iTunes coming? Will the MacBook Air get some attention? How about Safari, it’s lagging behind Chrome, when will it finally get extensions?

Apple TV is also due some attention, especially with Google TV on the horizon.

So, while the focus will surely be on the iPhone and the App store there are plenty of thing yet to talk about.

Tune in here for live coverage Monday.

07:00AM – Hawaii

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