AT&T Security Breach Reveals the Email Addresses of 114,000 iPad Owners

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A security breach exploited by hacker group Goatse Security has compromised privacy of 114,000 iPad users by revealing their email addresses. Some of these users are CEOs, military personnel and politicians.

The hacker group was able to run a script on the AT&T website that was said to be available to anyone who visited the site. Though some sites like Valleywag seem to equate email addresses with Social Security numbers (though it likely has more to do with hurt feelings over a pending investigation and freedom from porn) Security Watch's Larry Seltzer tells PC Mag that some sites' exaggerate the impact of the breach, which will probably lead to nothing more than spam for those exposed, and maybe a few celebrities getting annoying emails from fans.

Still, as most sites report, this can't be good press for Apple or AT&T.

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