Ballmer: “No Silverlight On iPhones? I’m Deeply Offended.”

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Steve Jobs must feel good that he's not the only Silicon Valley bigwig in Walt Mossberg's gun sights.

After his live interrogation of Uncle Steve on Day One of the D8 conference, the All Things Digital pundit turned his attention to Microsoft prexie Steve Ballmer.  Everything was going fine until Mossberg inquired if MS's Silverlight video-playback format ran on Android or iPhone handsets.  Ballmer's terse response:

"It certainly doesn't run on the iPhone! My guess is if it did it would be blocked! That's just my guess!"

Looks like Ballmer not only inherited Microsoft from Bill Gates, but also Gate's constant head-butting with Jobs.  But frankly, do you know ANYONE who has Silverlight installed on any of their computers?  Voluntarily, I mean…