Call Us: Apple Offering Facetime Tests

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Following the meme of launch day issues, mark Facetime down as being apparently problematic for Apple. The Cupertino giant has sent out the above form in an email. Offering users to call Apple to test and set up Facetime.

The form advises you to make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection enabled, as Facetime currently requires Wi-Fi to work. Thanks AT&T! 

We assume that A LOT of people are having issues for Apple to send this email out post-haste. We tried calling Apple last night and the wait was horrendous on the phone, we assume in response to the various issues.

Yesterday Steve Jobs advised people to hold the phone correctly to avoid reception issues. Wonder what their advice here is? ‘Look into the camera!’

Before you call read our FaceTime guide: How
to Use FaceTime on iPhone 4.0 and iOS4

We just completed the call:

1. We got connected almost immediately ( 1-888-32238463 )

2. Apple rep asked us some questions about FaceTime configuration and wifi availability

3. Then our phone call was transferred to FaceTime

4. Apple rep explained all the features of the face time

5. The whole test took less then 5 minutes.

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