Caveat Emptor: After Pre-Sale Fiasco, Apple Now Delaying iPhone 4 Shipments

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Is this any way to run a railroad?

Twenty-four hours after a stampede on iPhone 4 pre-orders hammered AT&T and Apple servers so badly that the Death Star pulled the plug on the process, Apple announced that the i4 shipping date had been pushed back to July 14th — nearly two weeks after the original July 2nd date.  To add insult to injury, customers who were expecting to pick up their new iPhones from their neighborhood Apple Store on June 24th are receiving emails stating that their entire order has been canceled — and must re-order with the July 14th date.

It's funny that both Apple — who swore up and down that the Great Gizmodo iPhone Leak would kill user interest and lower potential sales — and AT&T were body-slammed by the customer-base equivalent of Hulk Hogan.  The "Great iPhone 4 Pre-Order Fiasco" will go down as one of e-commerce's legendary Epic Fails.  Neither company can make any excuses that really matter: they can't blame the amount of web traffic, and they definitely can't blame their combined inability to forecast demand.

Mind you, this fiasco will have zero impact on number of units sold; people will still want to buy their first iPhone or upgrade to the latest and greatest version, ordering process be damned.  But it's still a massive black eye for two major corporations who are essentially handcuffed together by a tiny slab of glass, metal, and electronics.