Crashing The Reception: The iPhone 4’s Antenna Woes Continue

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If you head over to Anandtech, you'll find a detailed and uber-technical explanation of the iPhone 4's bezel-based antenna system — and why the rampant reception problems are both better and worse than previously thought.  It breaks down the functionality of the two (!) antenna strips (a smaller one on the left side for BlueTooth, Wi-FI, and GPS, and a larger one on the right for cell voice and data), how the iPhone's reception bars translate to actual signal strength (e.g. the tallest bar represents being less than a block away from a cell tower), and how different gripping techniques — with AND without a bumper — affect signal strength.

Meanwhile, Engadget uncovered the following job postings at Apple:

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Oh, and the "Date Posted" just happens to be the date the iPhone 4 reception problems first reared their ugly heads.  Paging Dr. Irony!

In fact, the whole damn antenna issue is starting to resemble a classic lightbulb joke:

Q: How many Apple antenna engineers does it take to change a light bulb?

A: It can't be done — Apple doesn't have antenna engineers.

Note from editor: not funny anymore, was on a road all day, constant problems with dropped calls and Internet connection

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