Evernote for iOS4 drops

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A new version of the popular cloud-based note-taking tool Evernote has dropped in the app store, adding support for the multitasking features added by Apple’s iOS 4 software.

Evernote has been updating its app with new features periodically. Evernote 2.0 added landscape mode and an in-app web browser, Evernote 3.2 added offline features for when 3G service isn’t available.

The latest update 3.3.5 is mostly about multitasking. Evernote will download new note headers and sync new notes with the server even if the app has been put to sleep.

It also gives the user the ability to continuously record voice notes regardless of what app you’re actively using. See? Multi-tasking!

The new features will be available when iOS 4 launches.

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