Facetime = Sextime?

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Like this, but with less clothes!


Sex sells, just ask the porn industry. They haven't wasted any time, not even with the iPhone 4. Seems that Facetime may be the next big step in phonesex if some companies have their way.

Business Insider reports on a Craigslist ad that is offering a free iPhone 4 and a "very competitive salary" for ladies wanting to…um, offer their services. While we are sure it's not what Steve had in mind when we saw that Facetime commercial, it's a safe bet to say that some had other things in mind.

Here is the ad:

iPhone 4 FaceTime Video Sex Line Chat – free iPhone 4 (NYC/LI)

Date: 2010-06-27, 12:06PM EDT

Reply to: job-dqsyj-1813619670@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

Starting an online interactive pornography firm where woman will use the iphone 4 to video chat with potential customers on a pay as you go basis.

Hours are flexible, pay will increase as the business builds. Woman will receive a free iphone 4 to use as personal time when not working. Woman will talk to potential clients and chat with them and perform various acts as desired by clients. All information will be confidential.

Payment will be based on percentage of sales volume and performance. Potential launch date of the company is 9/1/2010 or based on feedback received.

Woman will receive, as before mentioned, a free cell phone and a very competitive salary.

Please send information and pictures – we would like to launch sooner than 9/1/2010.

    * Location: NYC/LI

    * Telecommuting is ok.

    * This is a part-time job.

    * This is a contract job.

    * This is at a non-profit organization.

    * This is an internship job

    * OK for recruiters to contact this job poster.

    * Phone calls about this job are ok.

    * Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.


PostingID: 1813619670

Our advice? There are probably better ways to score a free iPhone 4, and none of them involve one-on-one Facetime chats with lonely, sweaty men who want to show you their naughtybits.

via Business Insider

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