Factory Rejects: All Known Issues With iPhone 4.0, Take 2

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And the hits — or should we say, the misses — just keep on coming.  Sure, the hold-the-phone-wrong reception problem is a bummer, but it seems to be more of an inherent design flaw.  Now users are tripping over iPhone 4 issues that are clear Quality Control Fails, and should have you stampeding the Returns counter.  To wit:

  • Some users have reported "No SIM Card installed" error messages, even when they clearly HAVE a SIM plugged in.  At least one user cracked open his i4 to extract the card — and discovered it had a sizable scratch on it.
  • The Proximity Detector, which is supposed to spot when your face is close to the phone and deactivate the clicking of onscreen controls…isn't.  Detecting faces, that is.  So some users are mis-dialing or muting their phones when they least expect it.
  • Some internal microphones are acting wonky, where the person at the other end can't hear you unless you switch to speakerphone or an external microphone.
  • The Camera app freezes up upon launch.
  • The Volume buttons are installed in the reverse order.
  • We're already reported on screens with yellow spots and/or bands — now white dots are popping up as well.

Now, these problems are not consistent from phone to phone.  But if you DO have one or more of these issues and decide to exchange your current i4 for a fresher copy, it's suggested you have the customer service rep unpack the new phone in the store and check it before you walk out with it.

As a reminder, here's our original article on known iPhone 4 issues.

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