How to Use FaceTime on iPhone 4.0 and iOS5, iOS4

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Note: Same instructions work for iOS5

One of the most hotly-anticipated features of both the iPhone 4 and iOS4 is the new video calling/conferencing function FaceTime.  It takes advantage of both the iPhone 4’s new front-facing camera as well as the original rear-facing camera (itself improved with higher resolution and flash capability).  FaceTime’s only drawback is that, due to restrictions on AT&T’s 3G network, it can only be used via a Wi-Fi connection.

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In the next sections, we will demonstrate (1) how to make a FaceTime call, (2) switch to a FaceTime call, and (3) switch cameras during a FaceTime call.

Making a new call with FaceTime
1.On the Home screen, tap the Phone icon.
2. Select a contact from the phone book. Notice there is now a FaceTime icon associated with each entry.
3. Tap the contact’s FaceTime icon.
4. The video call will begin when the person you’re calling accepts the FaceTime invitation.

Switching a call from voice to FaceTime

1. Place a standard voice call by selecting the voice call button from the contacts screen.
2. Once the voice call begins, tap the FaceTime icon (it resembles a video camera).
3. Again, when the person on the other end accepts the FaceTime invitation, the call will switch modes from voice to FaceTime.

Switching between the front and back camera on a FaceTime call

1. Follow Steps 1.1 through 1.4 above to initiate a FaceTime call.
2. Tap the “switch camera” icon (located in the bottom right of the screen).
3. The camera view will switch from the front-facing camera to the rear-mounted camera.
4. Tapping the “switch camera” icon will continue to switch between the front- and rear-mounted cameras for the duration of the call.

Make sure to activate FaceTime option in Settings/Phone

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